Kineo was employed by Qualcomm to create a training course educating Retail Sales Associates (RSAs) on the benefits and capabilities of their Snapdragon Processors in locations where mobile devices containing these processors were sold.
Character based scenarios were utilized as a method of making the course more engaging. These characters were created with a third-party illustrator in the style of Japanese Manga comics due to Qualcomm’s large Eastern market. The overall theme for these scenarios revolved around a top-secret Qualcomm lab where the learner assumed the role of a secret agent that was faced with scenarios based on information presented to them by Q, the head of the Qualcomm lab.
NOTE: While I cannot show the scenarios themselves due to the internal nature of the content, certain assets containing some of the characters are present in the art direction.
Due to the technical nature of the content, visuals were designed around futuristic interfaces and environments to create the various sectors of the lab and interactive components within the course.
Mobile Menu
Mobile Art Direction
Mobile Topic Header (with extra vertical space to anticipate content)
Desktop Topic Header (with space for content)
Agent Character Topic Header
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